What is the Business Social?

We aim to promote organisations that strive to become prominent corporate citizens no matter where they are on their journey.  Sustainability, embracing technology, innovation, company culture, being a few topics that fall under the corporate citizenship umbrella.

Corporate Citizen

The importance of social awareness in business and becoming a true corporate citizen has never been more critical than today.  Businesses have a duty to create a culture that is socially conscious and  focused on operating in a sustainable manor.  The increasing significance of sustainability indexes and the imperative requirement for corporate leadership on environmental, social, and governance issues is changing the way we view a business.

Business Social wants to follow the corporate citizenship journey, promote achievements, share opinions and amplify the efforts of those that are focused on making a stand.

BusinessSocial.org acts as a platform for businesses to promote and share their experiences along the corporate citizenship journey. Whether with a short and simple press release outlining a latest milestone or an in-depth interview with a senior executive offering a more holistic overview. Business Social looks to cover all angles.

Our aim is to partner with the businesses we feature and develop long term rewarding relationships that benefit the businesses, ourselves, the reader, and can act as inspiration and in some instance’s education to everyone.

We like to believe that success can be found in sharing experiences and ideas rather than keeping secrets.

Our Question To You!

Are you serious about your role as a corporate citizen? Have you made significant achievements along this journey? Have you been able to drive sustainability throughout your organisation? Or are you starting the journey? Have you faced challenges? 

No matter where you are on your journey we would be happy to have a chat. Feel free to reach out we would love to hear from you.

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