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We want to partner with businesses that are socially aware and fully prepared to embrace the role of the corporate citizen.  How are you approaching environmental, social, and governance issues (ESG)? Has technology had a positive impact on your efforts? Does your business recognise procurement and supply chain as a true enabler that can drive your sustainability efforts? 

What we are looking for is you and your business opening up and allowing us the opportunity to amplify your efforts.

What Are We Offering?

By developing partnerships we can actively promote your efforts via our platform. Text, video, infographics, press releases, in-depth articles, all play their part in creating the narrative of the corporate citizens journey and our platform offers a free route to market that you should take advantage of!

With our Business Social Briefs and Business Social Bulletin newsletters we have the capabilities to cover all angles of your business and promote it directly to executives that share our passion. Moreover, articles featured in our Business Social Bulletin newsletter will also be reproduced into a digital brochure and returned to you for your own promotional use.

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Our business model is based around collaboration and working in partnership.  If you would like to learn more or just have a general chat regarding our services, then please contact us today.

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